End of Impact in Action Impact Views

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Your views on the work of Impact in Action will be used internally, for funders, marketing and to improve the work. More than one person from an organisation can fill in one of these. 

(Required as we need to say how many groups we have helped)
What dealings have you had with Karen/Impact in Action? (Select all that apply)


This section considers whether there have been changes as a result of Impact in Action. 

Have you/your group made any positive, tangible changes? (Eg improved/started doing reports to trustees, created a Theory of Change, started measuring work, sought to learn from work).
Have you/your group increased knowledge about anything related to impact? (Eg outputs, outcomes, data, quotes, researching needs, IT etc)
Has anything else changed for you as a result of Impact in Action? Or is there anything further you'd like to say about the 3 outcomes above?
Is there anything you have seen (or started to see) changing in the longer term as a result of Impact in Action?

Thank you for being part of Impact in Action. For support into the future check out the Places to go when Impact in Action finishes factsheet.