Bexley Forums and Meetings

Bexley Voluntary Forum 

Purpose of the Forum (also click here for the Terms of Reference)

The purpose of the Voluntary Forum is to provide a space where all voluntary and community organisations in Bexley can meet, find out about key strategic priorities and plans impacting on their communities, and have an opportunity to voice their views.

Governance Arrangements

The Voluntary Forum is administered by Bexley Voluntary Service Council. The Chair is elected by members at an annual meeting, through a nomination process coordinated by BVSC. Representatives for Adult Health and Social Care (4), and Children and Young People (4) will also be elected at the Voluntary Forum. Representatives will serve up to 3 years (review after year 1 and year 2).


Elections - we are currently recruiting the following:-

Chair and Vice Chair

The role includes setting the agendas (in discussion with BVSC Partnership Officer); chairing the meetings; approving the draft minutes for circulation; liaising with the Voluntary Forum representatives. (Note: the role of BVSC is to facilitate the forums; set up the programme of meetings; present a draft agenda for discussion with the Chair; promote the forums; liaise with the speakers; help facilitate the meetings; write up the draft minutes; send out agenda, minutes and associated papers

Voluntary Forum representatives 

The Voluntary Forum will elect up to four voluntary sector representatives for Adult Health and Social Care; Children and Young People and Growth meetings. The representatives will serve up to 3 years (review after year 1 and year 2). Central to the role is the commitment to represent the sector rather than your individual organisation. 

Representatives for each topic will be expected to attend one or more of the strategic partnership meetings on behalf of the sector and provide representation at one or more general strategic meetings *list available on request

The role includes (click here for full Roles and Responsibilities document): attend strategic partnership meetings, as agreed with BVSC Partnership Officer; spend time preparing for the meeting and if there are agenda items that would benefit from some preparation either highlight to BVSC Partnership Officer and/or contact orgs that specialise; Feedback information to the forum via BVSC; Take an active part in discussions during the meetings; Represent the whole sector rather than your individual organisation; Complete any actions which you have agreed in meetings; Declare any conflicts of interest as they arise; Undertake relevant training to increase your ability to perform the role; Attend Voluntary Forum meetings to provide feedback and provide any ad hoc feedback as relevant to support communication with the sector.

Election process:

Nominations: Deadline 5pm, Friday 14 May. Please click here to fill in a nomination form. You may self-nominate or be nominated by another person. You may nominate for one or more positions.

Voting: Voting opens Monday 17 May to 5pm, Friday 28 May (link to follow)

For further information please contact Jacqueline Bobb, Partnership Officer (and Bexley Voluntary Forum facilitator) jbobb@bvsc.co.uk or telephone 01322 315 390.