Bexley Forums and Networks

BVSC currently facilitate 3 Bexley networks and forums 

  • Who are the networks and forums aimed at?

Bexley Voluntary Forum - all voluntary and community organisations working in Bexley across all areas of services (i.e. CYP; Adult Health and Social Care; Growth; Environment etc.) 

Children and Young People Network - all voluntary and community organisations working in Bexley within children and young people's services 

Adult Health and Social Care Network - all voluntary and community organisations working in Bexley within adult health and social care services 

  • Why join us?

The purpose of the Voluntary Forum is to provide a space where all voluntary and community organisations in Bexley can meet, find out about key strategic priorities and plans impacting on their communities, and have an opportunity to voice their views (also click here for the Terms of Reference). The Voluntary Forum is administered by Bexley Voluntary Service Council. The Chair is elected by members at an annual meeting, through a nomination process coordinated by BVSC. Representatives for Adult Health and Social Care (4), and Children and Young People (4) will also be elected at the Voluntary Forum. Representatives will serve up to 3 years (review after year 1 and year 2).

The purpose of the networks is to give an opportunity to network with others; hear about local updates and take part in discussions that are relevant to your work in order to help shape services; share good practice; raise awareness of new services and/or consult with voluntary and public sector colleagues.

  • Can London Borough of Bexley and CCG colleagues join us?

Yes. LA and CCG colleagues are very welcome to join us as we want to build closer relationships across sectors. Please note that there will be voluntary and community sector protected time at the end of each session.

For further information or to book a slot please contact Jacqueline Bobb, Partnership Officer, BVSC email: jbobb@bvsc.co.uk or tel: 01322 315 390. Click onto https://www.bvsc.co.uk/events to register a place. If you would like to speak at the networks/forum the usual time slots are 10 mins - presentation only; 15 - 20 mins presentation with Q and A/consultation.

Please find the full list of networks and forum dates for 2022 attached.