Volunteering is *everyone’s* responsibility

Most volunteer-involving organisations will have some form of volunteer manager or volunteer coordinator. It might not be their job title – they may be an office manager who has been given responsibility for looking after volunteers – or it might not even be part of their job description at all. For some people this work has fallen to them by default.

January at the Volunteer Centre

January is often a quiet month, but it hasn’t felt like it at the Volunteer Centre. We held our latest Volunteer Fair on the 20th Jan, at the Geddes Place United Reform Church. This was a new venue for us, and it proved a success. Previously we’d been using our training room here at Crayford Manor House, but we are a little out of the way here. Relocating to the bright lights and big city (relatively speaking) of Bexleyheath made the Fair much more accessible.

Young volunteers can transform our organisations, and our community

Young volunteers can transform our organisations, and our community


Welcome to my first blog!

I’ll be using the blog partially to talk about current volunteering issues, good practice, and policy developments, but also to raise discussion points. Volunteering can be a topic that gets ignored even within the charity sector, but it deserves to be thought about, debated and even disagreed over.


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