Quantitative (Numbers) Data Essentials (BVSC and Coalition for Efficiency)

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Many small organisations are nervous about delving into quantitative (numbers) data collection and analysis and often just scratch the surface due to lack of confidence or skills. This session will cover the quantitative data essentials and ensure participants leave the session feeling more confident and equipped with the tools to start collecting, analysing and using quantitative data.

Subjects covered include:

· Understanding what quantitative data is and when to use it

· Data sources and data collection methods

· Basic analysis techniques to help describe your data

· Pictorial description of data – essential charts

· Potential pitfalls – how much data is “enough”?

· Using data to draw conclusions and support decision-making



Covid has changed so much for groups and that will mean adapting or creating ways to measure what you are doing. This can help your group to be assured that you are working along the right lines, improve what you are doing and prove what you are doing to funders. This is important when applying for funding and explaining how you will measure change, in checking how you are doing and when it comes to writing those reports for funders. 

Impact in Action has asked the Coalition for Efficiency to lead a series of sessions on Impact, this is a great chance for Bexley voluntary and community groups to be prepared.

6th October 2021 10:15 AM through 12:30 PM
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