Celebration of Bexley Volunteers: Wednesday 8th June 2022 - 6-8 pm (Volunteers' Sign Up)

A wonderful event, timed to take place within Volunteers Week, to celebrate the incredible contribution that volunteers have given Bexley during the past year.

Volunteers have been the backbone of the support over the past year. Thousands of new and regular volunteers stepped forward, yet again,  to support the community to help in any way they could. We would like to now say thank you for all you have given over this challenging year. So, building on the success of last year's event, we will again be hosting the celebrations online, with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager and starring our lovely local volunteers and organisations. We want to say "thank you", to demonstrate how amazing you have been, but also to have a lot of fun!

So, what is the event going to hold?

We are delighted to let you know that, again, the wonderful 'Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager'  will be delivering a cook along for everyone to join in at the beginning of the event. You will be sent a list of ingredients in advance of the date to enable you to get them and get ready to cook. This will last around 1 hour and will be great fun. She will be teaching us to make a delicious treat for you to eat during the event!

After this, organisations are going to speak about how much they have appreciated volunteer support and the difference that this has made over the year. 

To register, click on the link!

8th June 2022 6:00 PM through  8:00 PM
United Kingdom
Phone: +441322524682 ext. 2