Bexley Green Points Funding- Deadline 13th January 2020

Bexley Green Points rewards communities within the borough for their recycling efforts. The application process is now open for local community projects to become beneficiaries of funding.

The scheme works by rewarding residents with Green Points when they recycle more and waste less. 18 communities in the borough compete to earn the most Green Points and every 6 months we have £5,000 to give away to local charities and community projects. The communities that earn the most Green Points get the biggest say in how the prize money is donated.

Many Bexley charity causes have already benefited from previous funding rounds. To see more on previous rounds of charity donations see articles in ‘In Your Area’ here and Argus here.

Bexley Green Points are now looking to select new charities and local community projects to benefit from the next three rounds of funding. Shortlisted community projects will be featured on the Bexley Green Points website where residents can learn about their cause and vote for the project they would like their community to support.

Application Form

To apply to become a beneficiary of Bexley Green Points please complete the attached application form and send it to Local Green Points before Monday 13th January 2020 by email: info@localgreenpoints.com or by post: