BVSC - Just Giving Fund for Bexley Charities

The Coronavirus crisis is most challenging crisis of our time. Isolation, loneliness and anxiety for our loved ones, means that community groups are an essential lifeline to deliver food/prescriptions, offer a friendly phone call, and find creative ways to keep provide vital services including support for domestic violence, debt, mental health, disability and so much more.

Volunteers and community groups have provided a lifeline to vulnerable people; 

“It was a really lovely surprise - I wasn’t expecting it. And now someone is going to be calling me – it’s just so lovely”

“With help like this I’m able to take baby steps.  Thank you.  I feel like I can do things now”

Back in March when we first went into lockdown, an amazing 1,000+ Bexley people offered their skills, time and compassion so that lonely & vulnerable people in Bexley had somewhere to turn. This needs to continue – we have months of support still to offer before we are out of the woods. We rely on our charities to be resilient, flexible and have the resources they need to continue to offer vital support. You can help them by donating in the lead up to Christmas when the impact of Covid-19 will be felt more keenly than ever.

We know that lockdowns and Tier 2-3 restrictions are hard for all of us, we know that Christmas is looming….but we can get through the tough times ahead with your help.   Funding is hard to come by and there is more demand than ever – which means Bexley charities are stretched to the limit!  We are launching an appeal to get much needed funds to your local groups, quickly and effectively so they can meet the increasing demand.

The Bexley Community Fund Just Giving page is live now for donations!  Many of you have donated already if you take part in the Bexley Community Lottery - £18,000 will be added to our Just Giving fund from the lottery good causes pot.  We need another £10,000 to reach our community target. Grants will be awarded to eligible good causes doing vital work for our community. The funding is aligned with the London Community Response Fund and awarded by a local panel.

Did you know?

£30 pays for gardening or a guided walk for disabled people

£10 Provides all the sensory play equipment needed for 8 disabled children per session

£50 will pay for a dance group for people with learning difficulties

£20 pays for a peer support session for carers looking after our most vulnerable residents

£20 will enable 4 people to attend the Dementia Café with activities and advice


So please…donate today. Ask your friends, family, colleagues to help. Maybe send handmade or e-cards instead of commercial Christmas cards this year – donate the money saved to the fund? 

Set up fun challenges to raise money – we’re so much better together!


And please remember, if you aren’t able to donate, you can still help!  Volunteer with a local charity, become a Covid-19 Community Champion, or just check up on any older or vulnerable people in your neighbourhood.  We have a strong and compassionate community in Bexley – be part of it!