Funding 1-2-1 Help

We've noticed some common themes with groups saying things like:

'It's so disheartening not getting feedback when you don't get a grant, what are we doing wrong?'


'What are all these hoops that funders want me to go through?'

So we have set up some sessions so you can get another set off eyes to look over a failed or prospective application. Impact Officer, Karen Jefferys, was a fundraiser until last year. She has over 20 year's experience in the sector and has the Diploma in Fundraising Management from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. She also knows some of the realities of working in small organisations. She can't always say exactly why a funder turned you down, but it's likely she'll have a few pointers - and she might be able to help put these 'hoops' into the perspective of why a funder needs to be sure they are spending their money wisely. 

Book in a session here: https://www.bvsc.co.uk/events

Or contact karen@bvsc.co.uk if Mondays don't work for you and email your application and the guidelines (check there are no personal details in what you are sending first!). 

“Karen really helped me to understand the grant application process and how to capture key points in order to get them across. The training session was very informative and the one to one time she was able to dedicate to me was invaluable.”