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Starting a Volunteer Programme

What to think about when preparing to introduce a new volunteer programme

Volunteering Tue, 12/20/2016
Planning for Volunteer Involvement

This information sheet explains what you should think about prior to recruiting volunteers into a new role. It assumes that this is not the first time your organisation has worked with volunteers. This document:

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Recruiting Volunteers

This information sheet covers the recruitment process. It’s important to get this right, both to attract people who will be a good match for your roles, and to ensure the volunteering relationship starts off on the right foot.  This document:

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Volunteer Recognition

This information sheet suggests different ways of recognising volunteer involvement, both individually and collectively. We suggest that you use a range of methods, as some volunteers may appreciate a more formal approach, and others something more informal.

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Diversifying Volunteering

In this training we look at the social changes that might affect the work we do, and new forms of volunteering we could consider embracing.  This information sheet:

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Volunteers and the Law

Volunteers and the Law has been created to provide a readable overview of legal issues
for volunteer managers and anyone who works with volunteers. It was written to cover
the law as it applies to England and Wales.

Written for Volunteering England by Mark Restall

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Volunteer Agreement Template

An example of a volunteer agreement that can be edited and used by organisations

Volunteering Wed, 12/21/2016
Events Poster GWD

An editable poster for you to publicise your Great Weight Debate event

Great Weight Debate Wed, 12/21/2016
Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

A handy guide to give you ideas for health lunchboxes

Great Weight Debate Wed, 12/21/2016
My Pledge Poster

An editable poster for you to promote your Great Weight Debate pledge

Great Weight Debate Wed, 12/21/2016