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Expenses Policy Template

The purpose of an Expenses Policy is to provide guidelines to organisations to maintain control when it comes to employee, volunteer and trustee expenses.


Useful Templates 12/04/2018
Health & Safety Policy for Small Group Without Paid Staff Template

This policy provides guidelines on management committee and volunteer responsibilities, risk assessments, training and resolving health and safety problems. 


Useful Templates 12/04/2018
Reserves Policy Guide for Charities Template

This guidance is to assist Board members of charities and IPCs to develop and disclose a reserves policy as recommended by the Code of Governance.


Useful Templates 12/04/2018
Risk Policy Template

This policy provides guidance on the role of the Trustee Board, CEO, Management Team and other staff on risk management within an organisation.


Useful Templates 12/04/2018
Data Protection Policy Template

This policy arims to provide a concise and practical document that can be used by trustees of small charities as the foundation for a working Data Protection Policy. 


Useful Templates 12/04/2018
Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure Template

A comprehensive policy and procedure template with good guidance.  This is shared with permission from Newcastle, so be sure to amend it to reflect your own organisations’ needs.


Useful Templates 13/04/2018
Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessment Template (1)

This document provides a sample Health and Safety Policy & Risk Assessment.


Useful Templates 17/04/2018
GDPR - BVSC's comprehensive checklist

Your in-depth checklist guiding you through the full process to become GDPR compliant!

GDPR & IG 23/04/2018
Guidance on Using Images (CCTV)

A simple guide on taking/using photos including the use of CCTV

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
GDPR 10 Step Action Plan

An action plan in 10 clear steps

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
GDPR At a Glance

Take a glance at GDPR for an overall idea of what it is and what it means

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Volunteer Policy Template

A Volunteer Policy provides an outline for your staff, volunteers and beneficiaries as to why your organisation involves volunteers and how.  It helps to define the role of a volunteer and how your organisation will treat them.

Volunteering 26/04/2018
Volunteer Thank You Letter Template

An example of a thank you letter to send to volunteers once they finish volunteering with you.

Volunteering 26/04/2018
Data Audit Template

Record of all the data you hold, how you store it and whether it is still necessary to collect it once the GDPR changes come in.


GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Document Retention Policy

Document how long your organisation will keep records for

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
GDPR 'How to' Videos

A wide range of 'how to' and guidance videos from Suzanne Dibble - GDPR expert!

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Information Audit Template

Another example of how to record of all the data you hold, how you store it and whether it is still necessary to collect it once the GDPR changes come in.

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Privacy Notice for Employees

A good example of how to create a privacy notice for employees

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Privacy Notice for Sending Emails

An example template on what you need to include within your privacy notice relating to emails

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018
Sample SAR Policy

A template to help you design your SAR (Subject Access Requirements) policy

GDPR & IG 26/04/2018