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Outcomes Framework

This table logs your impact to see how outcomes contribute to the impact a and outcome indicators. The table is mentioned in these courses:

Impact Programmes 27/10/2020
Working in our new world (Covid remote working)

Some ideas to help with remote working. Get in touch if you'd like to share your thoughts.

COVID-19 06/11/2020
Toolkit- Recruiting volunteers with criminal convictions

Useful Toolkit to help when recruiting volunteers with criminal convictions


Volunteering 13/11/2020
HSE Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Template

Please edit and use this risk assessment from Health & Safety Executive.

COVID-19 01/12/2020
Community Connect Poster

A poster that advertises Community Connect and who the service can help. Perfect for GP surgeries, community centres, and other community spaces. 

Key Bexley Documents 22/12/2020
BVSC - More than a statement

A report looking at racism and the representation of ethnic groups in Bexley’s Voluntary and Community Sector – November 2020

Key Bexley Documents 06/01/2021
Measuring how your charity makes a difference: Worksheet

This worksheet sits as part of the Impact in Action training sessions. Impact in Action finished in June 2022 but the sessions are still available as booklets, slides and videos - just request them from the office. 

Impact Programmes 07/01/2021
Sticking to word counts, micro training

A few ideas about how to stick to word counts when writing an application to a trust or foundation. 

Impact Programmes 20/01/2021
A few online measurement options

This session does some of the leg work of looking at online polls and surveys that you can use to measure outcomes and impact. A video accompanying the slides can be found here.

Impact Programmes 20/01/2021
A few ideas for online whiteboards

A few ideas about different online whiteboard options. 

Impact Programmes 21/01/2021
Spring/Summer BVSC Training Programme 2021 02/02/2021
Guidance for unpaid carers - DHSC COVID-19 04/02/2021
Micro Training - Adding a video to You Tube

Micro training are snippet sessions often delivered in out networks or forums. If you'd like to know more then please contact Karen@bvsc.co.uk

Impact Programmes 11/02/2021
Impact in Action Useful Links

A summary of how you might use the Impact in Action Useful Links. Check out Impact Resources for a video version. 

Impact Programmes 09/06/2021
Re-opening the workplace after lockdown

Please view BVSC's guidance on opening the workplace as covid restrictions are eased.

COVID-19 29/06/2021
Impact Report One Page Wonder

Do you want to share the difference that your group is making in an Impact Report? Then check out this One page Wonder. There's also a micro-training video to go with it so please check that out or contact Karen@bvsc.co.uk for more information.

Impact Programmes 01/07/2021
Impact Report Micro training slides

If you are starting out on creating an impact report then these training slides will help. These slides from the microtraining session link to the One page Wonder  and the video on the same topic.

Impact Programmes 01/07/2021
BVSC's Safeguarding Children Policy

This is BVSC Children's Safeguarding policy as an example.  There are lots of examples you can search for.  We are happy for you to use this for guidance when creating your own policy

Useful Templates 09/08/2021
Get it Done! Marketing 5 and 6

Here are the slides and the Excel spreadsheet for 'Get it done Marketing when it's not your job, Purpose, Targets and Media' (5) and, 'Creating a plan (6)'. 

You can access these sessions in 2 ways:

1) 1-2-1 sessions, I can run through these sessions with you live. 

Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Get it Done Needs and Assets (Session 1)

‘Get it Done!’ is a series that puts theory into practice right away.

Slides of all the sessions are available by clicking on the links below, or request video or live versions from Karen.

Impact Programmes 07/09/2021