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BVSC's Safeguarding Children Policy

This is BVSC Children's Safeguarding policy as an example.  There are lots of examples you can search for.  We are happy for you to use this for guidance when creating your own policy

Useful Templates 09/08/2021
Get it Done! Theory of Change (Session 4)

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Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Get it Done! Marketing 5 and 6

Here are the slides and the Excel spreadsheet for 'Get it done Marketing when it's not your job, Purpose, Targets and Media' (5) and, 'Creating a plan (6)'. 

You can access these sessions in 3 ways:

Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Get it Done Needs and Assets (Session 1)

Get it Done sessions provide a small amount of input and then lots of time to make a start on the work you need to get it done! Live sessions are being run in autumn 2021 and could be run again if there is demand.

Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Get it Done Needs to Impact (Session 2) Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Get it done! Outcomes and Measuring (Session 3)

This session refers to the excel spreadsheet logframe which you can find here.

Impact Programmes 07/09/2021
Oh pants its evaluation time

A microtraining session on preparing your evaluation report when not everything has gone to plan. These slides accompany the video.

Impact Programmes 09/09/2021
Gathering Ad Hoc Data

People don't always fill in surveys and data doesn't generally come to us neatly packaged. This One Page Wonder offers a way to gather ad hoc data and make it work for you. 

Impact Programmes 22/09/2021