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Gathering Ad Hoc Data

People don't always fill in surveys and data doesn't generally come to us neatly packaged. This One Page Wonder offers a way to gather ad hoc data and make it work for you. 

Impact Programmes 22/09/2021
Stop fire fighting!

If your group finds itself always fighting fires then perhaps now is the time to pause and watch the 7 minute video, or check out these slides. 

Impact Programmes 23/09/2021
Cory Community Fund FAQs to go with the training sessions Impact Programmes 24/09/2021
Creating a Volunteer Role

This information sheet explains how to put together a volunteer role description. It includes:

Volunteering 10/11/2021
Dealing with Problems

In most cases volunteering works well, but occasionally problems can arise. You cannot avoid this completely, but you can take steps to reduce their likelihood, and make handling them less difficult.  This information sheet:

Volunteering 10/11/2021
Developing Volunteers

This information sheet:

  • Explains why it’s important to think about volunteer development
  • Looks at how to plan this for individual volunteers
  • Offers practical suggestions for forms of development
  • Includes a template volunteer development plan
Volunteering 10/11/2021
Recruiting Volunteers

This information sheet covers the recruitment process. It’s important to get this right, both to attract people who will be a good match for your roles, and to ensure the volunteering relationship starts off on the right foot.  This document:

Volunteering 22/11/2021
How to find a volunteer role Volunteering 22/11/2021
Planning for Volunteer Involvement

This information sheet explains what you should think about prior to recruiting volunteers into a new role. It assumes that this is not the first time your organisation has worked with volunteers. This document:

Volunteering 22/11/2021
Starting a Volunteer Programme

What to think about when preparing to introduce a new volunteer programme

Volunteering 23/11/2021