Get it Done! Marketing 5 and 6

Get it Done! Marketing 5 and 6

Here are the slides and the Excel spreadsheet for 'Get it done Marketing when it's not your job, Purpose, Targets and Media' (5) and, 'Creating a plan (6)'. 

You can access these sessions in 2 ways:

1) 1-2-1 sessions, I can run through these sessions with you live. 

2) On Demand. Check out recordings of these sessions at a time to suit you. Request the On Demand link from Karen on karen@bvsc.co.uk or call 01322 315391.


‘Get it Done!’ is a series that puts theory into practice right away.

Slides of all the sessions are available by clicking on the links below, or request video or live versions from Karen.


1 Needs and assets

2 Needs to impact

3 Outcomes and Measuring

4 Theory of Change

5 & 6 Marketing


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