Outcomes Framework

Resource Date: 
Tuesday, 27 October, 2020

Outcomes Framework

This table logs your impact to see how outcomes contribute to the impact a and outcome indicators. The table is mentioned in these courses:

  • 'Proving the Difference you are Making: Creating a Theory of Change, Part 2' 
  • Session 3, 'Measuring how your Voluntary Organisation Makes a Difference', and
  • Get it Done 3 Outcomes and Measuring.

These are all available as videos, slides and booklets, just contact the office and request the On Demand Impact in Action information which is packed with resources for Bexley groups.


See the Resource, Measuring how your Voluntary Organisation Makes a Difference if you want a version in Word. 

If you are using Impact in Action Resources please take a moment to complete the speedy survey here. 

This worksheet was created as part of the Impact in Action project which ran until June 2022.