William Kendall Small Grants Scheme



The aim of the Grants Programme is to support initiatives and projects which help Bexley voluntary and community organisations develop their capacity and sustainability.

Who is eligible? Organisations must be based in the London Borough of Bexley and/or benefit Bexley residents. Organisations must be formally constituted and not–for–profit.

How much can you apply for? Grants between £500 - £2,000 (Grants up to £5,000 may be made in exceptional circumstances)

May 2022 panel (Deadline Passed):

  1. Monies to be spent by beginning June 2023
  2. BVSC send monitoring form request to organisation: mid-April 2023
  3. Monitoring form to be returned to BVSC: beginning July 2023 *

November 2022 panel:

  1. If you need support, then please send your draft application by 5pm Friday 7 October 2022
  2. Applications deadline: by 5pm, Friday 21 October 2022
  3. Panel meeting: due late November 2022
  4. Decisions are usually made within 2 weeks, therefore mid-December 2022
  5. Monies to be spent by mid-December 2023
  6. BVSC send monitoring form request to organisation: Mid-December 2023
  7. Monitoring form to be returned to BVSC: mid-Jan 2024 *

*Note: William Kendall require all monitoring reports to have been submitted in advance of further funding applications.

What next?

1. Read the Application Guidance (attachment below)

2. Review the slide presentation (atttachment below)

3. Fill in the application form (attachment below) and budget breakdown form (attachment below)

Note: If you have read the Application Guidance but require additional support, including support with completing the form, please contact Jacqueline Bobb (jbobb@bvsc.co.uk;01322 524 682) by the deadlines shown above.