Bexley Digital Champion Network

Keeping up with digital technology can open up many opportunities, such as being able to shop online or watch concerts and films, all from the comfort of home. It can help you find new ways to connect with family and friends, find out activities that are happening in your local or access extra support. Lots of activites can now be done without even leaving the house at all so being stuck at home no longer means someone can't make choices or feel part of Bexley.  Some activities like managing health appointments are likely to become increasingly challenging without any digital skills at all.

Bexley Digital Champions are volunteers based in a variety of organisations all over Bexley. They are ready and waiting to offer friendly one to one support either to introduce ‘digital’ from the very beginning or learn a new skill or task. These are not classes- Digital Champions look at things in a way that makes it easy for each person to understand and focus on the things that personally matter! 

Here are some examples of activities a Digital Champion volunteer will be able to introduce:

  • Filling in online forms
  • Sending a text message
  • Getting groceries delivered to your own front door
  • Keeping safe online
  • Using online banking
  • Setting up or using an email address
  • Printing a form or photograph
  • Taking  a photo on your phone and sending it to a friend 
  • Applying for a job 
  • Using a video call for health appointments or to chat to friends and family
  • Understanding more about having 'Internet' in your own home
  • Using teh NHS App to order your repeat prescriptions
  • FInding online recipees 
  • Watching online classes 
  • Finding fun things to do in your neighbourhood! 

These are just a taster- there is lots more to explore! 

If you would like to find out more about how to access support from organisations that are part of this Network, please get in touch with Sky Crook on 01322 524 682 or sky@bvsc.co.uk.