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Bexley Digital Champion Network

Helping Bexley bridge the digital divide

Bexley Digital Champions Network is a digital inclusion project which works to improve digital skills in the borough through in-partnership working.

Technology should make our lives easier, but that’s not always true. It can be complicated to learn, expensive to access and very, very intimidating.

The impact of digital exclusion can be huge. It can be social, financial and can even effect health outcomes.

That’s why BVSC have partnered with Bexley Wellbeing Partnership to establish a Digital Champions Network.

Started in 2021, the Digital Champions Network was designed to support individuals, organisations and the sector to improve opportunities, access and digital skills.

We help individuals

  • access local digital skills training and support
  • find local digital devices and other resources
  • get the advice and information they need to volunteer as a Digital Champion

We help charities

  • design and implement a Digital Champions program optimised to their charities’ needs
  • recruit their own Digital Champions through BVSC’s established Volunteer Centre program
  • train, manage and monitor their Digital Champions via the award winning and CPD-certified training platform, Digital Unite

We support the sector

  • By raising awareness of the importance of digital inclusion through training, events and other activities
  • By exploring new opportunities to improve digital access through cross-sector partnerships

What is a Digital Champion?

A Digital Champion is a trained volunteer or staff member who works with individuals or groups to improve digital skills and confidence.

Digital Champions can help you:
  • fill in online forms
  • get groceries delivered at home
  • set up or use an email address
  • keep safe online
  • send text messages
  • print a form or photograph
  • use a video call for health or social appointments
  • apply for a job
  • use the NHS or Oxcare apps to order repeat prescriptions or access health information
  • access music and other entertainment

For more information on the Bexley Digital Champions Network call 01322 524 682 (Option 2) or email 


'18% of adults in Bexley lack essential digital transacting skills - Source: Citizen Online. Digital Inclusions Risk in the London Borough of Bexley'