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Networks and Forums

BVSC currently facilitate 6 networks and forums in Bexley: 

  • Bexley Voluntary Forum 

  • Bexley Children and Young People Network (CYP network)

  • Bexley Adult Health and Social Care Network (AHSC network)

  • Bexley Disability Sports (and physical activity) Network (DSN)

  • Bexley Food Alliance

  • Volunteer Managers Network

Date of Meetings: You can find a list of any upcoming meetings here

We all know that networking is where all the great ideas are generated!  Come to our facilitated networks which are open to voluntary and community organisations that are based in Bexley and/or directly benefit Bexley residents. 

At each network, there will be some protected ‘voluntary sector only’ time, where sector specific issues can be discussed openly without external or statutory guests present.

Bexley Voluntary Forum: Provides a space where all voluntary and community organisations in Bexley can meet and discuss Bexley’s key strategic priorities and plans impacting on their communities.  Groups will be able to share views,  explore partnership opportunities and resources available, there will also be time to discuss challenges or training needs.

Children and Young People's network (CYP) and Adult Health and Social Care Network (AHSC): These networks are specific to organisations that work with either Adults or Children and Young people and allow sharing of news, resources, updates on any new projects in the Childrens /Adults world.  Meet other groups, find out what’s new and publicise your own work!  

Bexley Food Alliance network: The Bexley Food Alliance aims to support Bexley organisations in providing fairer access to low cost, healthy food to Bexley residents and provide any further support that may be required. This could include a range of services such as, financial advice, mental health, family, educational support and more. 

Disability Sports Network: Aims to increase sports and physical activities in Bexley for the deaf/disabled community; to bring organisations together to network and collaborate in understanding the barriers faced by the deaf/disabled community; support in overcoming these barriers through training and guidance and develop or introduce new sports and physical activities into the borough. Any organisation that supports this cause is welcome to join the network. 

Volunteer Managers Network: This is a network for anyone who manages, supports, or works with volunteers in Bexley. We discuss current volunteering issues, share news and information at both a local and national level. We often have guest speakers at the network discussing a specific topic such as the importance of evaluating impact in volunteering. The network is also a great opportunity to learn from each other and meet other volunteer managers in the borough.

Engagement Opportunities: The networks and forums are there for you to support your work and build relationships. Please let us know if you would like to reserve a slot to share your work; engage; consult and/or co-produce a project/programme with network members. We aim to provide a dynamic, interactive environment where speakers are invited to present an overview of their topic; state the call to action and invite discussion. 

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We all know that networking is where all the great ideas are generated! Sign up to our newsletters, networks and forums.