Data Hack - Focus on Bexley Borough (BVSC with Superhighways)

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What information is there on the Bexley borough to help you evidence what the needs and assets of the borough are? We'll start with some easy wins of places to look for information and then dive a bit deeper and help you to be more confident on using data that is available, but which needs some analysis to help you to make use of it. Superhighways will be running this interactive online session. There will be parts to listen to and parts where you can, if you want, have a go yourself!

This is a great opportunity to dig further into understanding local information more. This will help you to be better in line with the needs and better able to explain to funders why your work is needed. 

Superhighways will be taking the session. BVSC staff have been on many of their training sessions and recommend them highly. If you'd like to make the most of this opportunity book today. 

24th March 2021 9:20 AM through  3:00 PM
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