Data Essentials

Data isn’t just about numbers and statistics, or even stories; it’s about asking the right questions of the valuable information you have, so that you can better meet the needs of the people you support. Small charities and community organisations are capturing useful data all the time. So are local authorities, national government, big charities and companies. Both our own data and that of others can help us understand our work, ensure policy makers listen and prevent us being overlooked for vital funds. Ultimately it helps us make the right decisions, spotting problems before they happen and identifying solutions in ever changing political and socio-economic conditions. But where do you start?


What you’ll learn

This online webinar, will cover some of the core principles which should be used when working with data at all stages of the data journey:

  • collection
  • analysis
  • presenting data

You’ll have the chance to consider:

  • What exactly do we mean by ‘data’?
  • Where do we go to find relevant data from others?
  • And are we collecting information in a way that’s suitable for comparison?


Ultimately, we’ll start you on a journey of practice that will help you back your hunches about what’s happening in your activities and services that people can understand and create and share your own findings that will stand up to scrutiny.


PLEASE NOTE You may want to build on this course by joining our summer school of Excel training 


Format: Online interactive group training

This is an online interactive live training session. You'll take part in multiple interactive exercises. These may include breakout room discussions, use of collaborative tools and polls or quizzes.

You'll be asked to complete individual tasks online or offline, which may include peer-group feedback. You may also be asked to complete a task before or after the session.

We're trying our best to give you a good classroom experience. Please join with video and bring your ideas, creativity, and challenges to share.


Who should attend:

Anyone in a small charity or community organisation working in the London Borough of Bexley that is responsible for making decisions about what you do and how you deliver your activities based on the information you have. This is for beginners and anyone who wants to 

explore the role of data in shaping their own services or influencing others.


Superhighways will be taking the session. BVSC staff have been on many of their training sessions and recommend them highly. If you'd like to make the most of this opportunity book today. 

20th May 2021 10:00 AM through 12:00 PM
Zoom (Karen)
Crayford, DA1 4HB
United Kingdom
Phone: 01322 315391
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