Excel for Monitoring and reporting on outcomes

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Demonstrating your impact may not bring money straight into the bank but clearly evidenced outcomes will go a long way to ensuring a healthy financial future for your organisation. Knowing your impact can also help you identify gaps in your services and highlight what’s working and what isn’t so that you can better meet the needs of the people you support. Excel is the perfect tool for effectively and efficiently keeping track of information , analysing data and presenting the results. It’s also ideal for charities and community organisations that are not yet at the stage of developing or buying a database.

This is a practical and focused course for anyone with responsibility for monitoring outcomes. You'll need basic Excel skills to participate.

PLEASE NOTE You may want to build on this course by joining our summer school of Excel training https://bvsc.co.uk/civicrm/event/info%3Fid%3D459%26reset%3D1

16th June 2021 9:30 AM through 12:00 PM
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