Presenting and sharing stories that count

Since the beginning of time, stories have helped us understand ourselves and the world around us, turning complex information into messages we can easily digest. At their best they can create a sense of togetherness, spark our imagination and desire to make a change.

In this short, interactive session, you’ll learn about what makes a great story, with the power to motivate action or influence change. You’ll also discover the digital tools that can help you create, curate and share your content in reports, presentations, marketing and beyond.


What you’ll learn:

    • What makes a good story?
    • Why and how storytelling can connect with and motivate your audience
    • How to craft a compelling narrative
    • Practical tips on storytelling in your marketing, including social media
    • Free (as far as possible) digital tools available to help


There will be hands-on, interactive exercises using online tools. If possible, please attend using a laptop or other desktop device. However, we appreciate that this isn’t always practical, so please don’t worry if you can’t.  


1st February 2022 9:30 AM through 12:00 PM
Zoom (Karen)
Crayford, KEN DA1 4HB
United Kingdom
Phone: 01322 315391
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