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In response to Covid-19, we are working with the local voluntary and community sector to support as many people as we can. Please view the current services directory here. We encourage you to share this page with anyone during this difficult time.  If you are an organisation looking at re-opening the workplace please look through our guide here & our covid secure sign here.

Staying Covid Secure

If you're worried you may have Covid-19, please follow the advice from the NHS, which you can find here. If you want to know more about what the government is doing to tackle Covid-19, take a look at Public Health England's advice here

Please note that our office at Crayford Manor House is now closed and our team is working remotely. You can contact us at or call 01322 524 682. 

Select from the options below to find out more about how BVSC are supporting local action to address Covid-19

​​For Bexley residents who want to help

For charities and community groups

For Bexley residents needing support

Bexley Voluntary and Community Sector Directory of Current Service


For Bexley Residents who want to help. 

Thank you for wanting to support Bexley with the impact of Covid-19. We have moved our volunteering system to our new volunteering website. Register here to apply for roles and support local charities and people:

Please do follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our work and find out when our recruitment opens again.

We are approaching the Covid-19 crisis support as a marathon, not a sprint. As charities across the borough navigate providing their services in line with government guidance while also expanding to provide more support than ever, we need to support them to have the capacity to take on new volunteers. It’s absolutely amazing that so many people are keen to get out there and help people, and we are  focused on making sure that  we’re doing this in a way that support our charities, volunteers and keeps the safety of vulnerable residents as a priority.


Click here to read more about what charities are facing 


Ways you can help in the meantime:

Please do get in touch with any questions or 01322 524 682



For charities and community groups.

Every charity and community group will have different needs and challenges at the moment. If you're experiencing increased need please do fill out this webform so we can best support you through this difficult time. 

It's also a good idea to stay up to date on the guidance below. 

NCVO have a guide here about what Covid-19 will mean for charities:

London Funders are currently calling for funders to stand with the sector during this time, and accept reasonable disruption to programmes. Keep up to date on their work here:

Getting started with working remotely? Take a look at the options below and contact or call 01322 524 682 if you need support setting this up. 

  • Slack:  A free app that lets you use audio and video calling as well as a chat function to stay in touch.
  • Teams: Whether you use Microsoft 365 or not, you can use Teams to chat, call, video call and share files. It also has a phone app for on-the-go use- completely free!
  • Trello: a free project management app that your whole team can use to co-ordinate on projects.
  • Zoom: Run virtual meetings on this free (to a point) app. It includes video and audio calling and you can have up to 100 attendees.


For Bexley residents needing support

We know it's not easy to self-isolate, but we're grateful on behalf of Bexley's vulnerable people that you've decided to step back for a while and lower the risk of infection for everyone. If you're looking for a charity or a community group to help you out during this hard time, take a look at the links below to get started. 

We have been working with Bexley Council and local Mutual Aid and community groups to make sure we are reaching all Bexley people who need a helping hand and connecting them with charities, volunteers, and community groups. These groups and the London Borough of Bexley are now best placed to help residents so we are closing our “request for help” form. BVSC and the Volunteer Centre will be focusing our efforts on supporting local volunteers and charities to work together to deliver essential services over the coming months.

If you or a loved one need support during this time please contact:

Bexley Coronavirus helpline:  020 3045 5398, click here for more information:

Or find your local Mutual Aid group here:

Other links that might be helpful: 

Charities and community groups in Bexley are currently doing all they can to help during this outbreak. Please consider donating to a local charity to help these works continue. 

Looking for support with