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Impact Resources

This page has two sections:

1) 7 Impact for Funding resources- resources that fit into the structure of the 7 Impact sessions. 

2) Micro-training- training condensed into 5-10 minute slots.

There are lots more resources on the Impact in Action Useful Links page and more generic resources on the BVSC Resources page 

7 Impact for Funding Resources

Here is an overview of how the Impact Resources fit into the course 7 Impact for Funding Sessions. The course is also available On Demand via videos or booklets. Just ask!

Training session

Resources you can call on

Proving how your group makes a difference, Part 1: Outputs, outcomes, Impact


This session mainly focuses on the definitions which can be found on the Useful Links page under definitions.

Proving how your group  makes a difference, Part 2: Planning Triangle, Theory of Change 


Planning Triangle:

Theory of change:

Excel table to log how to measure your outcomes: 

Word table to log how you measure your outcomes and outputs:

Measuring how your group makes a difference: Quantitative, Qualitative, realistic options. 


Micro-training on case studies. 

Overview of writing a case study

Sample 1-2-1 Case study and Sample Transformative Training Case Study

Case study template 


Excel table to log how to measure your outcomes: 

Gathering ad Hoc Data, One Page wonder.

Word table to log how you measure your outcomes and outputs:

Tools gathered by a previous Impact Officer, so check that they are current, but lots of good stuff here. 

Sharing your Impact: Liven up the ways you share the difference you are making.


Please see the slides from the training or request the On Demand version.

For information on how to make the most of quotes and case studies, check out:

In the session we use Canva, here's a 2 minute video to show you how to add extra team members. 

What funders want: looking at all this from a funder’s perspective.


In the practical section of this session we dicuss the usefulness of having a document with answers to what funders often ask all in one place. A template for this can be found here:

Sticking to word counts, micro training.  may also be helpful.

A micro version video can be found here.


Practically showing how you are making a difference: overcoming some of the barriers to implementing all this. 

Please see the slides from the session or request the On Demand version. 


Trustees/Management: Why evaluation is good for your charity and how it is part of your role.

Trustess may want to have a look at a number of documents above, but in terms of what they may want to see in reports that are made to them, this document may be helpful:


Micro training sessions were often done during our network or forums meetings. They were 5-10 minute shots of information and ideas. They provide pointers to speed your way into understanding a topic quickly. If these sessions inspire you to do other training then request our On Demand programme from

Some personal views on online polls and surveys pdf of the slides  and video here.

Sticking to word counts pdf of the slides and video here.

Online whiteboard options pdf of the slides and video here.

Adding a video to You tube pdf of the slides and video here.

Disppropotionate Effects of Covid on groups video.

The Value of small charities in Covid video and slides.

Data in a Dash - creating a basic dashboard type summary. Video here.

Useful links - a taster of useful links for Bexley groups, pdf of the slides and video here.

Creating an Impact report pdf of the slides, video and a One Page Wonder Factsheet.  

Hootsuite overview- a way to sort your social media in one go. Video.

Oh pants it's evaluation time! pdf of the slides and a video here.

How Impact in Action might help stop groups fighting fires, slides and video

Time management: video with questions.*

Case studies: video with questions (Also check out Case Studies above).*

Using data to confirm action or support change: video with questions.*

Rose, bud, thorn for fun monitoring or evaluation: video with questions.

* The videos with questions allow you to add your answers which are shared with other participants so you can learn from them.

Get in touch if you'd like a particular topic covered.