Some of the ways I'm changing what I do because of the rollercoaster of Covid

With government guidance changing and people changing the way they engage, the need to be agile is still at the forefront of many of our minds. Impact in Action, was designed before Covid was heard of, so from the very beginning Impact Officer, Karen Jefferys, has needed to adapt what was offered and how. Below are some ways that the project has changed, plus an overview chronology for anyone who wants a longer read.

How the project changed and why:

  • The project was forced by lockdowns to move online and discover new ways of working online. As we enter into the last six months of the project the focus is now on creating materials and signposting to support groups beyond the lifetime of the project. Changes can be forced upon us and solutions may need to be found at pace, whereas other changes can be antcipated and planned.
  • Research and an understanding of the sector helped to inform what and how the project was run. Listening, understanding and responding to findings are vital.
  • From December 2020 it became clear that online training was not temporary, so it became more important to include those who couldn't access live online training. Encouraging inclusion by offering a range of ways to engage is important.
  • Throughout I have reached out to projects similar to my own and observed what is happening in other sectors. This resulted in adaptations such as providing some of my sessions on request rather than on set dates. Listening to what other projects were doing, or lifting ideas from others, helped in testing out new ways of working. 

So what are your thoughts? Contact me on karen@bvsc.co.uk


Chronology of Impact in Action

July 2020-December 2020

  • Move from physical to online training. Start of 7 Impact for Funding sessions
  • 1-2-1s online
  • Resources and Useful Links start to be added to the website. 

January 2021-July 2021

  • Alongside online live training there was the offer of video versions and booklet versions for those who had difficulty accessing training live. (Still available from Karen).
  • Excel summer school provided a block of support.
  • Beginnng of combining a funder's information with fundraising training- which eventually became Funder Feasts
  • Training brought in from Superhighways on a range of data related subjects.
  • Micro-training extended the reach of Impact in Action to the networks and forums BVSC is involved in.

July 2021-December 2021

  • 'Get it Done' sessions focused on the practical implimentation of impact work and included some marketing sessions.
  • A few 1-2-1s in person before limits were again recommended.
  • 7 Impact for Funding and Get it Done sessions available on request. 
  • Micro-sessions resources re-invented as Menti-meter videos with questions so that materials can be used once Impact in Action closes.
  • Impact webpages updated

January 2021 - The Last 6 Months

  • More resources added to the website and current materials updated.
  • Increased push for 1-2-1 sessions.
  • Sessions on basic Excel and trust fundraising to be run when there is enough demand. Check out the brochure here.
  • Checking how groups who have had Impact in Action support are doing.